Weiguo Chuangxin was awarded the fourth batch of high-tech enterprises to be ide

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On December 2, the national recognition of hi-tech enterprises management work leading group office according to the measures for the administration of the recognition of hi-tech enterprises (guo ke ignition [2016] no. 32) and the recognition of hi-tech enterprises management guidelines "(the goat [2016] no. 195) concerned regulation, will be in Beijing in 2020 the fourth batch of high and new technology enterprises in 4026 companies to list on the website announces, new energy, a subsidiary of Beijing wei chong who blue core technology co., LTD., Beijing won the 2020 fourth batch of quasi high and new technology enterprise.

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What is high and new technology enterprise?

In accordance with the measures for the administration of the recognition of hi-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises refers to the high-tech fields of the national key support, continuous research and development and transformation of technical achievements, forming enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, and on this basis to carry out business activities, within the territory of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) resident enterprise registered more than one year. The recognition of hi-tech enterprises of Beijing group by the municipal science and technology commission, the city finance bureau, the municipal bureau, municipal local taxation bureau, through the application of its independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, belonging to high-tech fields, the proportion of r&d personnel, r&d, sales income, ability of transformation of scientific and technological achievements to carry on the strict examination and recognition, to obtain recognition of the high-tech enterprises in tax breaks, talent training, enterprise financing, project support, etc have relevant policy support and preferential.

As a subsidiary of Weilan New Energy, Weiguo Chuanxi is fully investing in research and development, speeding up the public relations of core technology, consolidating solid lithium battery technology, driving innovation, enhancing the industry influence and market competitiveness of the company, and striving to fully play a driving role in the development of high-tech industry in China.