Welion new energy debut CCTV report!

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On December 8th, CCTV-2 economic channel "economy half hour" column broadcast "new energy run out of the" acceleration ", for you to decipher -- scientific research institutions, industrial companies, through different technical routes, to conquer the development of new energy "pain points" look together.
During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China's production and sales of new energy vehicles grew rapidly, ranking first in the world for five consecutive years. Programs, reporters into the zhongguancun high-tech zone of jiangsu province temmoku pilot battery materials technology co., LTD., tianmu lake institute of advanced energy storage and jiangsu who blue new energy battery co., LTD., companies such as interview, reports the industrialization of scientific research institutions, companies, through the different technical route, conquer "pain points" in the development of new energy.
In the end, the column pointed out that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the "14th Five-Year" planning proposals will be new energy, new energy vehicles with the new generation of information technology, biotechnology, new materials, high-end equipment, green environmental protection and aerospace, Marine equipment, etc., as to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries; At the same time, it pointed out that we should build a growth model of strategic emerging industries and cultivate new technologies, new products, new business forms and new models. At present, China's new energy industry has achieved a certain first-mover advantage, but it is still facing the development of short board, the core technology needs to be breakthrough. These are waiting for the innovation of science and technology brave people with wisdom to climb, with persistence to cross.


Tian Qiyou, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Weilan New Energy Battery Co., Ltd. said in an interview that the company has carried out some solid electrolyte coating on the surface of the cathode material, which is nanometer level, one is to improve the electrical conductivity of the material itself, the other is to improve the safety of the material. The specially processed high-nickel ternary-battery material is evenly coated on the 12-micron aluminum foil. The customized high-speed laminator can make the cell at a speed of 0.58 seconds per piece, while the domestic traditional laminator can make the cell at a speed of 0.9 seconds per piece, which improves the efficiency by about 33%. After the production of the aluminum plastic packaging cell, through a certain way of charging and discharging, the internal positive and negative materials will be activated, the use of solid-state battery unique technology, through the effect of pressure and temperature, the liquid electrolyte solid. As early as 2018, the company completed the design and development of the 300Wh/kg solid-state power battery system, which can double the range of the vehicle after being mounted on the vehicle. In May of this year, products began to be used in the consumer electronics category. The production of solid-state UAV batteries, compared to the same specifications of unmanned aerial vehicles, the range increased by 20 percent, while improving safety.

Welion new energy closely follow the "14th Five-Year" plan, accelerate the research and development process of new technology and new products, to contribute to the early realization of all-solid-state battery industrialization, and boost the development of new energy.

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